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24/7 Emergency HVAC & Water Heater Repair

At Weatherking Heating & Air Conditioning, we know that it is impossible to predict when an HVAC system will stop working or when a pipe will burst. Even if you are aware that your system needs maintenance, you cannot possibly know exactly when issues will affect your Summit County home's heating, AC, or other installation.

This is why we are open past regular business hours and strive to help our customers anytime around the clock. While you can't have the peace of mind of knowing when your equipment will experience failure, you do have the peace of mind of having access to our experienced team 24/7. When your equipment breaks down at an inopportune time, you can rely on us to show up and help.

Emergency Services We Provide

Some services can wait until morning or the next day, such as a slow dripping tub or sink. However, there are other repairs which must be taken care of right away, such as a heater which has completely stopped or an overflowing toilet.

Fortunately, you don't need to sleep (or attempt to) with those major issues in your home—not when you can always call for our emergency services. We provide these services to customers in Summit County and the Medina, Akron, and Cleveland communities at all times of the day and night.

We can offer repairs on the following equipment:

  • Gas and electric furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Hybrid heating systems
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchen fixtures
  • Piping
  • Water heaters

Help Avoid Emergency Repairs in the Future

Although you cannot completely prevent the need for repairs on your HVAC system or water heater, there are steps you can take to help reduce the likelihood of sudden breakdowns. There are also warning signs that you can look out for and pay attention to. A few signs of a system that needs maintenance are clogged HVAC filters, poor heating or cooling, debris or ice on the outdoor unit, and water that backs up into the toilet or tub. By investing in preventative maintenance with the help of a Summit County HVAC and water heater professional from Weatherking Heating & Air Conditioning, you can help keep your home in working order.

Another way to further ensure you don't find yourself in need of emergency services at odd hours is to invest in our maintenance services. With routine maintenance, we'll help your heating, AC, and plumbing installations continue to work their very best, significantly reducing the likelihood of an unexpected breakdown.

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